Get ready to have fun and enjoy your life- You are on JAZINA BEACH!


Here you can always get a great even tan, sitting on the comfortable loungers on the shore of a mountain river, accompanied by a light breeze and a glass of white wine. JAZINA CLUB beach territory is divided into sunny and shaded areas. You can choose where you are comfortable. You will enjoy taking air bath in the shade of spreading trees, swaying in a comfortable hammock. If you desire JAZINA BEACH will provide you with beach towels.


If you want to get limbered up, move around in the fresh air you can enjoy active rest; we have a multi-purpose sports ground with basketball hoop, volleyballs, badminton, frisbee for this. And for children, we have prepared a children's play area, where there is a trampoline, swings, balls, board games. While the adults are busy, our special JAZINA CLUB employee can look after and entertain children.


In the purest mountain river Sushica directly near our shore there is a shallow stone pool, which quickly warms up to a comfortable temperature. It’s perfect for children, elderly people and lovers of warm water. Children will be provided with swimming rings and inflatable toys. Outside the pool you can swim in the cooler streams of open river. And if you are lazy, you can cool down in beach showers.





The whole beach area is served by waiters. If you do not want to leave the beach chair a small table for you will be served next to him. Also, you can visit our cafe. In the morning and afternoon, we will offer you snacks, specialty desserts, hot drinks, refreshing cocktails. It will warm up your appetite a little and prepare you for dinner in JAZINA RESTARAUNT.