We invite you to relax in a nice comfortable JAZINA HOTEL!


After a day spent on JAZINA BEACH and a hearty lunch or dinner in JAZINA RESTORAN, you'll want to continue your rest outside and spend the night outside the city. JAZINA HOTEL rooms have everything you need for this. If you need anything extra, just ask the staff.


JAZINA HOTEL offers cozy rooms with balconies offering panoramic views of Sushica river, mountains and forest. You can choose accommodation with one double bed or two twin beds. JAZINA HOTEL offers accommodation in superior rooms for demanding guests.


JAZINA CLUB team is especially pleased to welcome regular customers and those wishing to spend a week in JAZINA HOTEL and more. We are ready to provide special rates for you.



For a complete pleasure and convenience JAZINA CLUB will provide you with services of massage, beautician, hairdresser and stylist.