Welcome to Trebinje! We provide the whole range of real estate sale and purchase services. You will easily orientate yourself among the great number of offers. We have exhaustive information about any options – from apartments in the recent developments to century-old stone houses, from building land to completed business buildings. All offered properties have undergone verification of legal compliance. All purchase registration costs are included in a price.



     Our project is exceptional. We want you to fall in love with this city as we did, to feel at ease among good neighbors. Beautiful and safe Trebinje, situated near the sea in a mountain valley, is ready to become your new home. Popular resorts in different countries can no longer boast such pristine nature, hospitality and tolerance of local residents, European lowest prices and freshness of genuine home-grown products. You’ll come to choose and it will be a pleasure for us to show you not only properties to be bought, but also the whole city, entertain with marvelous wine and tell everything you want to know. And when you’re our neighbors, we’ll help to adapt smoothly and comfortably to the everyday life of Trebinje. We’ll do everything to make this cozy city close and understandable for you.

Why are we sure it’s worth coming here and making certain on the spot that our words are true? Let’s start from us: all our family moved to Trebinje having fallen in love with this wonderful city at first sight and having found here everything necessary for a normal life. There were no problems with getting children into school, currently we restore enthusiastically hotel and restaurant center located in the vicinity of the city, at the bank of a full-flowing mountain river with trout swimming in it, with foxes, chipmunks and other nice animals going out of the nearest forest. We bought an ancient house in the center of the city at a quite reasonable price; we rehabilitate it step by step and look forward to noisy and lively housewarming party. People here are good at enjoying themselves, our new friends and neighbors welcomed us as if we’re among our nearest and dearest ones, assisting and supporting us. Our friends from different countries worldwide visit us and then come back to Trebinje again and again. This small city returned very quickly a feeling of everyday joy to us…

·         There is no fatigue from bustling and noisy megalopolis, it disappears immediately.

·         Here mature and elderly people may live in calm and interesting manner without restriction in communication, search of new impressions and comfort.

·         Children and adults with diseased skin, lungs, nervous and digestive systems will regain their health and the joy of life within a short time.

·         Even those who are tired of mere lack of sun, fresh air and pure potable mountain water directly from their own tap, will find all this in Trebinje.

·         Those who wish to spend summer or the whole season not far from the sea, will be also satisfied because the purest waters of the Adriatic are just 20 km from us.

It should be added that trend toward gradual, but sustainable economic growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina enables to expect more comfortable residence in future. However, now while discovering this region, you have quite enough time to buy completed historic real estate in Trebinje and restore it according to your own taste. This will become symbol of new life and excellent investment of your funds and potential not yet realized. Don’t forget that you may reckon on help and support of our company at all stages of property acquisition, its registration and further adaptation. Our experts will do their best to make you believe in success of this undertaking, they live here too and build our common future with enthusiasm!







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